Novotny Delivers Products and Services for Every Season’s Home and Lawn Needs

Every season has its own unique hardware needs, and that means every season has its own reasons to head down to Novotny Sales. As a provider of swimming pools, snowmobiles, power equipment, and other hardware, as well as the services necessary to keep it all running, Novotny prides itself on delivering a level of customer support and convenience that you won’t find at any of the big box stores out there.

A One-Stop Shop for Every Season

For over thirty years, Novotny has served the local community as the one-stop shop for all seasonal hardware needs. What does that mean, though? Let’s look at some of the types of equipment you’ll find at Novotny Sales.

One of Novotny’s specialties is swimming pools. Come spring, you’ll start wanting to have a way to cool off, and nothing beats a dip in a nice cold pool. Novotny stocks a wide variety of top above-ground pool and hot tub models like the Impress line from Celebration Pools, as well as liners, heaters, and pumps from brands like Hayward, Pentair, and Rheem to fit any pool. You’ll also find all sorts of pool supplies, including chemical balancing products, with knowledgeable sales personnel who will guide you through what your pool needs.

Come winter, you’ll be looking for a different way to enjoy the season, and what better way than to enjoy winter than with a snowmobile? Novotny’s showroom features a numerous models from top snowmobile brand Arctic Cat, and here too you’ll find experienced sales staff willing and able to help you navigate the selection.

Novotny additionally stocks power equipment from brands like Cub Cadet and Husqvarna for all your landscaping needs in any season. Handheld equipment includes personal and professional chainsaws and power cutters, hedge trimmers and brush cutters, sod cutters, dehatchers, edgers, stump grinders, leaf blowers, and more. Snow throwers include single-stage, two-stage, and three-stage power models. Last but not least, Novotny offers a large selection of walk-behind mowers, lawn tractors, and zero-turn riders, as well as accessories like bagger systems, snow blades, lawn sweepers, and light kits.

All of this equipment is available new, but a lot of it is available used as well. Not only that, but Novotny also offers rental service for many kinds of equipment. That includes log splitters, seeders, power rakes, power washers, aerators, tile cutters, and much more. See Novotny’s rentals page for a complete list of available equipment and pricing.

Of course, it isn’t always necessary to get some piece of machinery to fulfill your needs. Sometimes, you just need some simple tools or supplies. For all your miscellaneous yardwork and home repair projects, Novotny stocks True Value products for every job. Available products for outdoor projects include everything from rakes and shovels to grass seed, fertilizer, topsoil, herbicides, hoses, sprinklers, landscaping fabric, and more. For home repair, Novotny has painting supplies, a full assortment of nuts and bolts, and departments dedicated to plumbing and electrical supplies. Not only that, but Novotny gets free shipping on all True Value products to the store, so if there’s something specific you need that you can’t find anywhere, you can have it special-ordered at no extra cost.

Service and Support

In addition to selling top-quality equipment for all your seasonal needs, Novotny also provides many services that help you keep that equipment running the way it’s supposed to.

One of the most popular services at Novotny is the hassle-free pool services. When the warm weather arrives, you need to open up your pool and get it in order for the season. Novotny’s pool technicians will open your pool, clean it up, and add the appropriate chemicals to the water. This includes coming back to ensure that the pool has settled with the appropriate balance of chemicals based on pool type and usage.

Novotny also repairs and replaces heaters, pumps, and other parts essential to a functioning pool system. Having worked on clients’ pools for so long, Novotny can handle practically any brand of pool, and can work on hot tubs as well.

That includes small motor repair for power equipment, blade sharpening for lawnmowers and chainsaws, snowmobile repair, and more. Novotny even provides pickup and delivery services for maintenance and repair, so that you don’t have to find a way to haul your broken lawnmower to the store. In addition, Novotny provides propane filling services if you bring in your empty propane tank or motorhome.

Whatever it is you need, whether you’re looking for a new snowmobile, renting a commercial mower, or getting your pool fixed up for summer, you can get the individual attention and support you deserve at Novotny. Look through the full range of available products and services and stop by Novotny to get ready for the coming season today!