Explore Novotny Sales’ Newly Revamped Website!

Welcome to the New Home of Novotny Sales!

Here at Novotny Sales, we believe in always striving to make things as convenient for our customers as possible. That’s why we’re proud to present our brand new, overhauled website! This new site is easier to use than ever for when you want to see what Novotny is all about, check what rentals are available, get into contact, submit service request forms, and more.

Our Products and Services sections now lay out in detail what Novotny has to offer, from swimming pools to snowmobiles to propane refills. Sub-pages are dedicated to all the various categories of products we sell, and a separate Rentals page contains our rental list and policy. In our page for pool services, you’ll also find our request forms for pool openings and closings, which you can now submit online—no more having to fill out physical copies!

Other sections of the site are also in the works. An ecommerce section will allow you to shop with Novotny online, and this blog will provide periodic updates on Novotny and topics related to the hardware we sell and service.

So, if you’re looking for power equipment, pool heaters, or whatever other equipment you need for this season, this one-stop shop just became even more convenient of a place to get it all! Give us a call at (847) 497-3103 or stop on by our sales floor and we’ll get you the gear you need to be ready for all of this year’s projects!

Novotny Sales

5615 N Johnsburg Road

Johnsburg, IL 60051

(847) 497-3103