Get All the Seasonal Hardware and Equipment You Need at Novotny

Every season calls for its own set of equipment for you to fully enjoy it. Whether you’re interested in installing a swimming pool in the summer, riding a snowmobile in the winter, or getting hardware for landscaping or renovation projects any time of year, Novotny Sales has what you’re looking for. We’ve been serving our community for over thirty years as the one-stop shop for all your hardware needs. Here’s some of what we offer.


While pools are nice in the summer, you’ll need a way to have fun in the winter, too. One of the best ways to get outside and enjoy winter is with a snowmobile. Novotny stocks a wide variety of Arctic Cat snowmobiles. This top brand supplies Novotny with snowmobiles of numerous shapes and sizes for most types of use. Because we specialize in this one high-quality brand, we know these snowmobiles inside and out, so our sales staff can tell you all about them and offer expert advice, unlike those big box stores.

Power Equipment

With top brands like Cub Cadet and Husqvarna, Novotny is your one-stop shop for all manner of power equipment. That includes larger lawn equipment like lawn tractors, zero-turn riders, walk-behind mowers, and snow throwers, as well as handheld equipment like chainsaws, hedge trimmers, power cutters, dehatchers, edgers, stump grinders, tile cutters, and more. We even stock accessories for the lawn tractors and other large equipment we sell.

This equipment is largely available not just new but used as well, and we also have an extensive list of rental equipment available as well.

Swimming Pools

Novotny has decades of experience installing above-ground pools, including top brands like Seaspray, Wilbar, and Celebration. These are some of the highest quality pools on the market, with sturdy construction and a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles, including both round and oval models.

Novotny specializes not only in pools but in hot tubs as well. Just like with above ground swimming pools, we stock top-quality brands like Hydropool, and our technicians can also service hot tubs the same as they service swimming pools.

We also stock many different pool components, including liners as well as the heaters and pumps that make up cycling systems, which filter, heat, and chlorinate your pool water. Novotny additionally has a section dedicated to all the pool supplies you need to keep a pool running and get the most enjoyment out of it. That includes products that help you achieve the proper chemical balance in your pool water, such as chlorine, algaecides, and clarifiers, but also includes miscellaneous supplies like hoses, chlorine floaters, skimmer nets, and inflatables.

In addition to installing your pool and supplying you with everything you need to keep it running, Novotny’s pool experts also provide those pool services which you may not be able to perform yourself, such as pool openings and closings and routine maintenance.

Between high-quality pools, parts and supplies, and service visits, Novotny has it all, and is definitely the place to go for all your swimming pool needs.

True Value

You don’t always need some heavy motorized piece of equipment to get the job done. Sometimes, you just need some of the basics. For all your home renovation projects and yardwork, Novotny offers a large selection from True Value, including lawn equipment, painting supplies, nuts and bolts, plumbing and electrical supplies, and more.