Power Equipment for Every Job, Big or Small

Novotny Sales stocks power equipment to suit your every need, whether you’re doing some landscaping in the summer or clearing away snow in the winter. With plenty of top brands available both used and new, we’re bound to have what you need. Have a look at some of what our selection covers.

Lawn Tractors, Walk-Behind Mowers, and Snow Throwers

We have all the medium-duty and heavy-duty equipment you need to keep your property looking clean and orderly. That includes lawn tractors, mowers, and snow blowers.

When it comes to lawn tractors, we’re proud to feature Cub Cadet, a top brand for all sorts of lawn equipment. We stock their Enduro Series for residential lawn and garden use, all four series of their zero-turn residential riders, and even their commercial riders. Whether you’re just looking for a reliable riding mower, something that can tackle large commercial properties, or a zero-turn rider that can deftly maneuver tight turns and complicated spaces with gardens and such, you’ll find what you need at Novotny. We also provide accessories such as lawn sweepers, dump carts, bagger systems, light kits, and snow blades, which you can use to customize your rider for how you use it.

Not everyone wants a big rideable mower though, and for lighter residential use Novotny offers a range of walk-behind lawn mowers. These include both self-propelled and push mowers, such as Cub Cadet’s Signature Cut Series and wide-area mowers.

Your property doesn’t just need upkeep in the warm seasons, though. Come winter, you’ll need ways to clear snow from your driveways and lots. For these needs, Novotny supplies you with a range of snow throwers in varying sizes. That means Cub Cadet snow throwers, including single-stage, two-stage, and three-stage models, as well as single-stage Toro snow throwers. Whether you’re clearing snow from a residential driveway or a commercial parking lot, there’s a snow thrower here fit for the job.

Handheld Power Equipment

Novotny also stocks handheld equipment for all sorts of tasks, from brands like Cub Cadet and Husqvarna.

We stock high-quality Husqvarna chainsaws for both residential and professional use, as well as power cutters. For additional clearing and trimming, we offer hedge trimmers, brush cutters, and clearing saws. With all this equipment, you’ll be able to clear away all the unwanted branches and overgrowth you need to.

Husqvarna and Cub Cadet also produce high-quality turf care equipment, which you can find at Novotny. That includes sod cutters, dehatchers, edgers, and aerators. Whether you’re putting down turf or planting grass seeds, we’ve got the gear you need.

Finally, we also stock the equipment you need for ground care. When you want to clear away leaves and other debris from lawns and lots, we’ve got blowers and pressure washers. When you want to give crisp edges to the grass around curbs and walkways, come grab an edger. If there’s an inconvenient stump that makes it hard to mow your lawn, a stump grinder can help eliminate the problem. We also stock cultivators and other equipment that’s useful for both residential and farming purposes.

As stated, all of this equipment is available both new and used. Stop by Novotny today and get the gear you need, or, if you just need something for one-time usage, check our list of available rental equipment.