Take a Dip and Relax with Swimming Pools from Novotny

Novotny stocks a lot of different kinds of equipment for every season, but one of our biggest specialties is swimming pools. When winter creeps away and the sun starts to shine, you’re going to start looking for ways to enjoy the warm weather, and nothing beats a pool for summertime relaxation. Novotny sells, installs, and services a wide variety of above-ground and in-ground pools as well as hot tubs—explore some of our products and services below.

Above-Ground Swimming Pools

Most important, or course, is the pool itself.

Novotny’s standard above ground pool package includes everything you need to get your pool going—walls and floor, braces, hardware, coping, gravel fill, plumbing, a liner, a pump, a chlorinator, a filter, a heater, drains, returns, skimmers, safety cover, floats, maintenance kit, and more. We take care of the plumbing, and electrical components. If you’re looking to purchase an above ground pool for your family, this is definitely the way to go.

We also install above-ground pools, including models from top brands like Celebration Pools, whose Impress brand 52” pools feature some of the sturdiest construction on the market. With high-quality multi-layered finishes and a 40-year warranty, this is one of your best bets for an above-ground pool for long-term use.

Pool Equipment and Supplies

In addition to installing entire pools, we also provide all the necessary equipment for keeping a pool running at top efficiency. That includes liners, heaters, pumps, chemicals, and various other supplies.

Swimming Pool Service and SuppliesAmong heaters, we’re proud to feature brands like Rheem, whose digital gas heater features a simple-to-use remote-compatible thermostat which sets your pool or spa to precisely the temperature you want. Its spark-to-pilot ignition system, ceramic fiber combustion chamber, and wind-resistant design keep it running at top efficiency, and it’s condensation-free operation and polymer headers and stainless steel tube sheets prevent rust, especially important for spa heating.

When it comes to pumps, we stock a variety of top brands and models to choose from. Between Pentair’s energy-efficient Intelliflo variable-speed pumps, to Hayward’s durable and dependable PowerFlo Matrix, to Sta-Rite’s high-performance SuperMax pumps and Max-E-Pro pumps, you’re bound to find the pump that’s perfectly suited to your pool’s size and other specifications.

We also stock high-rate sand filters from brands like Hayward as well, ensuring clean water with minimum maintenance required.

In addition to that equipment, Novotny stocks all the miscellaneous supplies you need to keep your pool in order. That includes all the products you need to keep the proper chemical balance in your pool water, such as chlorine, algaecides, clarifies, and more, as well as things like skimmer nets, hoses, pool lights, chlorine floaters, pool vacuums, and inflatables.

Pool Services

Of course, you can’t always take care of all the maintenance your pool needs on your own. For that reason, Novotny offers up our expertise for a range of pool services.

Opening a pool for the season is often a complicated process, requiring water to be chemically balanced, systems to be turned on and adjusted, and various other tasks. We provide a form you can fill out to schedule which week you want your pool opening to occur.

Pool closings can be complicated as well, requiring water to be properly drained, systems shut off, etc. With high winds and other inclement weather, it can even be a good idea to shrink wrap your pool cover. Novotny can do this all for you.

Finally, of course there’s all the other maintenance your pool may need. Repairs, cleaning, and other maintenance tasks need to be performed regularly depending on your pool’s dimensions, usage, and other factors. We offer service visits on a weekly basis when necessary, or can schedule visits according to however often your pool needs service.

Whatever your pool needs, whether you’re installing a brand-new in-ground pool or fixing a broken pump, Novotny has decades of expertise servicing all brands. Give us a call, and we’ll do our best to get your pool working in time to beat the heat!