Stay Cool This Summer with an Above Ground Pool

Above Ground Swimming PoolWhen it starts to get hot, there’s no better way to cool off than a swimming pool, and nothing beats the convenience of having your very own above ground pool. When you decide it’s time to start enjoying this ideal way to beat the heat, come by Novotny Sales—we’ve got the best pools for the job, and our complete pool package will take care of every aspect of the installation process, so you have nothing to worry about.

We carry a variety of brands offering many shapes and sizes. Seaspray pools come in sizes ranging from 15 feet to 33 feet, and Wilbar pools similarly offer many models to choose from as well, including round and oval shapes.

Celebration Pools’ Impress Line

Novotny is also proud to feature pools from Celebration Pools’ Impress line of above ground swimming pools. These are some of the sturdiest pools out there.

Every Impress pool is built with a structure that includes a 7-inch multi-ribbed top ledge, two-toned ledge cover made with polypropylene resin, and a strong modern design featuring fully supportive uprights. The pool’s wall joints are computer-designed to better resist water pressure, featuring oversized bolts to add stability and a rippled finish that helps resist water pressure and external shocks. The pool-fit system’s parts are pre-grooved for easy installation of screws, with a unique design that locks screws in place for long-term structural integrity.

The walls include a multi-layered protective finish. A pre-finished steel core is galvanized with a zinc coating to protect against corrosion, then alkaline cleaned, bonderized, and given a chromic rinse to prepare for the next layers. The inner face is given a Tru-Kote undercoating process for extra protection. The outer face is coated in Resin-Shield, a textured resin coating, and Synpro, a non-corrosive resin containing UV stabilizers to shield against discoloration and chemicals. Polyenamel Kote is then added to give the structure a durable finish for a long-lasting pool.

These features combine for one of the toughest, most durable pools on the market. All Impress pools come with a 52" high wall, and available sizes include:

Round: 15 ft, 18 ft, 21 ft, 24 ft, 27 ft, 33 ft

Oval: 12 x 24 ft, 15 x 30 ft, 18 x 33 ft

Novotny’s Complete Above Ground Pool Package

When Novotny installs your above ground pool, you get more than just a pool—you get a complete package that includes the pool, installation, and a whole host of additional parts and supplies.

Novotny Sales Swimming Pool PackageThe Novotny above ground pool package includes:

  • Pool wall / uprights / top rails / hardware
  • Beaded liner / bead receiver
  • Sand filter sized to pool with 1 / 1.5 HP pump and filter sand
  • Wide-mouth skimmer / return package
  • Solar cover
  • Maintenance kit
  • Start-up chemicals
  • 12 ft. vacuum pole
  • Vacuum hose
  • Filter hoses and hardware
  • Backwash hose
  • Ladder is not included in package due to usage / codes

So when you’re ready to get out of the sun and cool off in your very own above ground swimming pool, give Novotny a call—we have over 30 years of experience installing and maintaining pools, and will make the process as convenient for you as possible.