Novotny Offers Hot Tubs for the Ultimate in Relaxation

While Novotny specializes in swimming pools, those aren’t always for cooling off. Sometimes, you want to sit in some hot water, letting your muscles relax and the stress melt away. That’s why hot tubs are the ideal way to relax—what better way is there to enjoy the end of a long workday than slipping into a spa, letting the hot water and massage system take care of the rest?

Hot Tub Installation

Novotny Sales has experts to service your hot tubs so you know who to turn to for regular maintenance or repair work. Whenever you need a new spa cover, or your jets or underwater lights aren’t working as intended, you can call Novotny and have a professional come out and inspect the problem.

Hot Tub Service & Maintenance

Unlike a pool, a hot tub is basically a self-contained unit, and doesn’t require much work for installation. All of the mechanical components, such as the heater, filter, pump, and other parts are all contained beneath the skirt of the hot tub. Just have a base setup for where the new hot tub will be located. Then all you need is to hire a certified electrician to come to correctly connect the wiring that powers the hot tub. And all new hot tubs are delivered to your driveway for FREE!

However, Novotny does service and maintain hot tubs just the same as we do for swimming pools. Our professional technicians have years of experience with most kinds of hot tubs, and can perform openings and closings as well as general repairs. If your hot tub has a pump or other component that’s gone bad, or if it’s been incorrectly winterized, you can count on Novotny to set things right.