Swimming Pool Liners for In-Ground and Above Ground Pools

One of the more important choices you make when you get your very own swimming pool is the type of liner you get. This not only plays a big role in the final appearance of your pool, but also plays a big role in the pool’s durability and how long you can go before having to replace the liner with a new one. That’s why choosing a liner is both a practical and an aesthetic decision. Luckily, Novotny carries high-quality liners for both in-ground and above ground swimming pools, with a wide variety of designs in terms of construction and color.

How Does a Pool Liner Work?

Above Ground Swimming Pool LinerA liner is a covering that overlays the walls and floors of a swimming pool’s structure, in order to create a pleasant appearance while keeping the water in the pool. It attaches to the pool’s coping, and can be taken out for repairs or replacement. Liners are typically made of vinyl and come in many colors, patterns, and thicknesses.

There are also three types of above ground swimming pool liners: overlap, beaded, and unibead.

  • Overlap Liners: These are the most popular and affordable liners. Though they are limited in terms of color and pattern, they’re easy to install without special tools and equipment. However, they are hard to remove once installed. The liner actually hangs on over the wall in this case.
  • Beaded Liners: These liners strike a balance between the other types. They’re easier to replace without cutting, and come in a broader variety of colors and patterns than overlap liners. These liners have a bead at the top.
  • Unibead Liners: These are the most versatile liners on the market in terms of installation methods. They’re also the easiest to remove or replace.

Novotny Installs and Maintains Top-Quality Liners

Here at Novotny, we stock in-ground swimming pool liners from Tri-City Vinyl. These American-made liners are made and come in overlap, beaded, and unibead varieties. They’re tear-resistant and pliable, and can resist extreme weather conditions as well as UV radiation, mold, algae, and bacteria. They come in a large selection of colors and patterns as well, meaning you can give your pool the look that’s perfectly suited to your space.

When you order an in-ground swimming pool liner installation from Novotny, a professional is sent out to measure the dimensions of your swimming pool and determine the necessary size and shape to custom fit the liner to the pool. We take the whole process off your hands, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Additionally, above ground swimming pool liners are available from Swimline. There are many types of styles to choose from. After selecting a liner pattern, just provide the pool size specifications and let Novotny take care of the rest.

Novotny also services swimming pool liners to keep them in good shape, and replaces them once they’ve outlived their usefulness. Vinyl liners can be expected to last about 7-10 years if you properly maintain them and repair leaks when they happen. When there is a leak, call Novotny so we can inspect the liner and patch it up.

A liner also needs to be cared for by maintaining the proper pH balance in the pool’s water. If water is too acidic, it ages the liner faster, and if it’s too basic, you get water scale and buildup on the surface of the liner. When you’re seeking the right products and assistance to ensure a proper chemical balance in your pool’s water, you visit Novotny—our pool experts will get you the pool supplies you need to keep your liner looking new for years to come.

Novotny In-ground Pool Liner Selection

Caribbean Tile Swimming Pool Liner


  • Caribbean Sand Bottom
  • Aquarium Tile Border
  • Lap Seam Construction
  • Overlap, Beaded/Hung or Unibead Style

Ocean View Swimming Pool Liner


  • Available in beaded

Limited Quantities

  • 18' round
  • 24' round
  • 27' round
  • 30' round
  • 15' x 30' oval
  • 18' x 33' oval


Mystri Gold Swimming Pool Liner


  • Available in Beaded or UniBead


Additional liner patterns are available upon request. Please email us at pools@novotnysales.com.