Keep Your Pool Water as Clean as Possible

An essential part of owning a pool is keeping the water clear and clean, for hygiene, health, and aesthetic purposes. To accomplish that, you need a well-functioning pump and filter. Novotny Sales specializes in swimming pools, and over decades of servicing pools of every brand and model, we’ve learned the ins and outs of installing and maintaining pumps and filters to keep your pool looking and feeling the way it should.

How a Pool Pump and Filter Work

Before you can properly make decisions about which pump and filter are right for your pool, you need to understand how this equipment works.

Your pool cycles water through a filtration system which is basically a closed loop. First, water is drawn from the pool and skimmer and sent to the pump and motor. There, it passes through an initial filter, commonly referred to as a “strainer pot basket.” This filter removes most of the debris before sending the water to the pump housing, where the water passes through the motor to the cartridge filters which remove any debris and contaminants left in the water.

After that, the water passes through your pool’s heater, which heats the water to the desired temperature. Once it reaches that temperature, the water continues to the chlorinator, which adds chlorine to the water and sends it back into the pool. At the end of this process, your water has been filtered, heated, chlorinated, and returned to the pool, where it’s ready for you to take a swim!

Pumps and Filters Available at Novotny

Knowing how these systems work and the invaluable task they perform, you can see how important it is to have a pump and filter that do their job thoroughly and efficiently. To that end, Novotny stocks pumps and filters from a wide range of top brands, suited for every size and type of pool.

A pool needs a pump that has enough power for the size of the pool yet still runs efficiently, so that you don’t raise your energy bills any more than necessary. Novotny carries many brands and models to choose from.

Pentair’s IntelliFlo was the first variable speed pump on the market, and they’ve continued innovating since then. Their IntelliFlo and IntelliFlo 2 VST pumps are quieter and more energy-efficient than single-speed pumps, and come with a $400 rebate from ComEd and Pentair. Hayward’s PowerFlo Matrix pump comes with an industrial-size strainer basket that collects more debris with less maintenance, and can switch between vertical and horizontal installation at the press or a button. Sta-Rite’s Max-E-Pro pumps also offer quiet efficiency, while their SuperMax pumps come with a commercial-grade motor and superior internal flow design for power and sound dampening as well. You have plenty of options to choose from at Novotny!

In addition to the right pump, you also need the right filter. We carry filters from brands like Hayward, including their Pro Series high-rate sand filters. These feature efficient flow, balanced backwashing, corrosion-proof construction, and self-cleaning 360° slotted laterals, providing clean water with easy operation.

So when you want cleaner, clearer pool water, delivered through an efficient system that saves you money on your power bill and time on maintenance, stop by Novotny and we’ll guide you through our extensive selection of pumps and filters!