Come to Novotny for Pool Supplies for Every Need!

When it’s time to get your pool ready for the season, there’s more to do than just take off the cover, fill it up with water, and jump in. You need the right supplies to make the most of your pool experience. Novotny provides an extensive selection of any pool-related product you may need, including:

  • Pool Maintenance
  • Replacement Parts
  • Pool toys, games, and inflatables
  • Pool lights
  • Chlorine floaters
  • Pool cleaners

In addition to these and other items, Novotny also has a section dedicated to all of the various products you may need for adjusting your pool water’s chemical balance.

Chlorine, Algaecides, Clarifiers, and More

Pools require a specific chemical balance to stay sanitary and safe. At Novotny, we stock all the products you need to ensure the optimum environment in your pool’s water, and our staff with decades of experience will guide you through figuring out what your pool needs.

Swimming Pool ChlorineTo start with, we carry all the basic chlorine products you need to get your pool ready for use. Brands like ProTeam and GLB provide many options with varying concentrations in both granular and tablet forms.

Your pool likely needs more than just chlorine, though. Novotny stocks algaecides that kill, control, and prevent algae including green, mustard, and black algae which cause sliminess and harmful bacterial growths. We also offer clarifiers that help remove organic particles and other debris that makes your water cloudy, clogs your filters, and creates odors and scum lines. Stain removers, pH balancing products, and other pool supplies can be found here at Novotny as well.

Chlorine isn’t right for every pool, either. Maybe you have an allergy, or you have kids and would rather not expose them to high levels of chlorine every time they go for a swim. For these situations, we provide Baquacil, an alternative that provides the disinfecting, clarifying, and softening you want without using chlorine or bromine.

Helping You Get the Right Chemical Balance

Not every pool is the same and not every pool needs the same products in the same amounts, so how do you determine what to buy and how much to use? Luckily for you, Novotny’s experienced sales staff are here to help you figure it all out.

We begin by having you bring in a sample of your pool’s water for testing of pH and other factors. Many other stores will try to give you a one-size fits all product. This doesn’t take into account the different needs of the soon-to-be pool owner:

  • Size
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • Whether it’s for heavy use or light personal use
  • Number of trees in the vicinity of the pool
  • Whether the pool is frequently used by children
  • And more

Novotny’s pool experts have years of experience in helping you determine the right chemical balance for your pool. We only recommend the products that are necessary based on your pool usage, because we don’t believe in pushing an excessive mix of chemicals just for the upsell. That’s because we know that using too many chemicals is wasteful and counterproductive, as conflicting products can neutralize each other and oversaturate the pool, resulting in you having to drain half the water and try again. That’s wasted effort, water, and money.

So, whatever your pool’s needs, come out to Novotny and you’ll get all the help you need navigating our broad selection of pool supplies.