Get Your Yard Projects Done with True Value Hardware

Get Your Yard Projects Done with True Value Hardware

Whatever your project is, whether landscaping or home renovation, Novotny Sales can fulfill your needs with True Value hardware. Sometimes you just need the right tools and hardware, be it something as simple as a quality brand of rake or needing heavy-duty equipment like a tractor and stump grinder for a larger project.

True Value Makes Hardware for Every Need

Whatever project you’re working on, whether it’s just yardwork or you’re renovating part of your home, True Value is the ideal supplier of tools, hardware, and building materials to fit every need.

Novotny stocks many of True Value’s landscaping and gardening tools and supplies. That includes rakes, shovels, hoses, sprinklers, landscaping fabric, topsoil, fertilizer, grass seed, trimmers, planters, and more. We go further than just light backyard gardening, though.

We also carry a large selection of supplies for home renovation and other projects. Novotny has entire departments dedicated entirely to paint and painting supplies, plumbing supplies, and electrical hardware. Whether you need to install additional electrical outlets, fire up a new gas grill, replace a ceiling fan, fix a circuit breaker, put new hinges on a door, weatherproof your home, or set up a weather station, we’ve got you covered. That also includes hand and power tools such as taps and dies, welders, masonry tools, magnets, and air compressors, as well as all the basics like nuts and bolts you may not find elsewhere, screwdrivers, hand saws, ladders, and more. Whatever it is you plan to do, you can be sure Novotny has something on hand that’ll make your life easier.

Special Orders for That Hard-to-Find Hardware

Customized Orders at Novotny Sales

Not only does Novotny Sales regularly stock a vast selection of True Value products year-round, we’re also a certified True Value supplier, meaning we can quickly special order any True Value product that we don’t have in the store.

This is especially useful when you need something but just don’t seem to be able to find it in any of the big box hardware stores, because it’s something specific or a bit outside of what people might need on a daily basis. If you can’t find a specific kind of screw, a specialty paint or coating, or a certain specialty drill bit or other power tool accessory, then maybe it’s time you stop searching those big box stores and check with Novotny instead. We make the call, and True Value will deliver your supplies to our store for you to pick up. Best of all, there’s no shipping charge, unlike when you order online. The best selection, available at your convenience—that’s what sets Novotny apart.

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