Just Need Equipment for One Project? Rent It from Novotny!

Sometimes, you just have one big project that you need to get done, and to do so you need a specific piece of equipment. It doesn’t make sense to shell out all the money to buy this equipment that you may not need again anytime soon, just for you to then have it sitting around taking up space. That’s why Novotny Sales offers a broad selection of rental equipment.

We rent out all sorts of power equipment, including riding mowers, chainsaws, wood chippers, lawn seeders, log splitters, sod cutters, aerators, post hole diggers, compactors, power washers, concrete saws, and so much more. Visit and flip through our master binder for a complete listing of all the equipment available for rent.

Every piece of equipment is around 3-4 years old at most, and is thoroughly vetted and taken care of to ensure it’s still working in top order. After every time that it’s rented out and returned, each unit is closely inspected, maintained, and repaired if needed before being placed back up on the shelf. This keeps all of the rental equipment working in great condition, and also keeps all of the types of equipment consistently available, as we won’t have units out of commission.

Hourly and daily rates vary based on type of equipment, but every unit has a 4 hour minimum for rentals. Taking out a unit for the whole workday counts as 8 hours, but keeping it overnight requires an overnight fee equivalent to an additional 4 hours at the unit’s hourly rental rate.

So, if you’re looking for a power washer, log splitter, or other piece of equipment you don’t see yourself using again anytime soon, why go spend hundreds or even thousands buying the unit? Come to Novotny, and rent it out for only as long as you need it. You won’t just save money—you’ll also save big on the effort and headache of dealing with the equipment after you’re done with it.