At Novotny, We Service What We Sell—And More!

Novotny is more than just a store—it’s also a service center. When you need any kind of mechanical work done to your hardware, be it your lawn equipment, your pool, your snowmobile, or anything else you might find here, the expert technicians at Novotny are here to get the job done right.

Explore some of the services we offer, and the ways we can help make your life easier.

Small Engine Repair and Other Maintenance Work

Here at Novotny, we service what we sell! For any piece of equipment that you’d find in our store, we have expert technicians on hand who have years of experience working with and repairing that equipment.

Our professionals have more than just hands-on experience to qualify them, though. Novotny Sales Inc. is a member of the Illinois Association of Snowmobile Clubs, Inc. and the Johnsburg Area Business Association. Members of our staff have received Certificates of Completion for the 2009 Power Equipment Company Honda C.B.U. Service School, the 2009 Honda General Purpose Engine Clinic, and the 2008 Husqvarna Equipment Update School.

Maybe most notably, Novotny’s small engine department performs tune-ups, repairs, and other maintenance work on most brands of power equipment, as well as service handheld equipment from Husqvarna and Redmax. That means we can take apart the engine in your chainsaw, your lawn mower, your wood chipper, or your snow thrower—if it has an engine and looks like something we’d have here, you can bet we can figure out what’s wrong with it (though whether we can fix it may depend on the availability of necessary parts). Bring in your unit in the spring and we’ll even give it a complete spring tune-up from the ground up.

In addition, we also perform blade sharpenings for equipment like lawn mowers and chainsaws. When you’ve noticed that these units don’t cut as cleanly anymore and aren’t serving their purpose well, your first instinct may be to start looking for replacements, but that may not be necessary. Sharpen the blade, and your old unit may be good as new.

Novotny Sales will also gladly service your Arctic Cat snowmobile. Since Novotny focuses in exclusively on this brand of snowmobile, we know them inside and out, better than just about anyone else. If your snowmobile isn’t an Arctic Cat, give us a call and inquire about whether our mechanic can service it. Our shop rate is $76/hour.

Pick-up and delivery services are also available for all equipment that we service and repair. If you don’t have a convenient way of getting your riding mower, snowmobile, or other equipment here, we can come by and pick it up for you, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Pool Services

Pool Opening and Closing ServiceOne of Novotny’s specialties is swimming pools. In addition to selling and installing these above ground pools, though, Novotny also offers a wide selection of pool services to take care of all your maintenance needs.

A big part of the pool services we provide is opening and closing pools at the beginning and end of pool season. Opening a pool at the start of the season can be a complicated task. Not only do you have to remove the cover, turn on the systems that cycle, filter, chlorinate, and heat your water, and make sure that they work, but you also have to create the proper chemical balance in the pool water by mixing the right proportions of chlorine, algaecide, and/or whatever else your pool needs.

Closing a pool at the end of the season can be just as much of a process. The pool water needs to be drained, all the electrical systems need to be shut off, and a cover has to be put in place. Not only that, but with the high winds and other inclement weather we’ve had the past several years, you may also want to consider shrink wrapping your pool cover to ensure a tight seal that insulates it from the elements. Novotny can take care of all of this for you, and you can schedule your pool openings and closings in advance by filling out our service request forms.

Of course, those aren’t the only times your pool may need maintenance. Depending on your pool’s dimensions and how much you use it, we recommend either weekly or bi-weekly service visits. Our pool technician will vacuum up debris, clean the filter, and adjust the water’s chemical balance. We can also perform these visits to maintain your pool while you’re away on vacation.

There’s also the possibility that something may break or otherwise need maintenance or repair. We can inspect and clean your electrical cover, change the sand in your filter, and fix or replace your pump, liner, heater, or other pool components as needed.

Other Miscellaneous Services

In addition to repair and maintenance, Novotny also performs a variety of other miscellaneous services which you might expect from a hardware store. These include services like key cutting, glass cutting, and pipe threading. We also provide propane refills. Whether you have a 20lb container, a 100lb container, or even an RV or mobile home, we can fulfill your propane needs.

So, whatever your seasonal hardware needs, whether your lawnmower needs its blades sharpened, your snowmobile needs its motor repaired, your pool needs its water chemically balanced, or you need some propane for your next big RV trip, come by Novotny Sales, the one-stop shop where you’ll find it all!